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Scenes of the City: Gardeners Getting Their Green Thumbs On

All around the city, you can see gardens coming to life. It's time you get your self out there and get one going for yourself. Take advantage of all this rain and sunshine we're having, sow some seeds and get those plants going. Browse these pics, see some edibles and others that grow well in SF-it'll leave you wanting to get your hands dirty.

Scenes of the City: Gardening in SF: Alemany Farm and Beyond

For this week's Scenes of the City we visited Alemany Farm on the southern slope of Bernal Heights and several other gardens in SF and checked out spring planting, cleaning and maintaining. Also check out details of the Alemany Farm Earth Day Celebration here (scheduled for April 23). Enjoy.

Pineapple Sage grows readily in the cool SF climate and smells like, you guessed it, a pungent pineapple.

Everything and the Moo: Sunset's Margo True on Urban Farming

Until recently, Margo True, food editor for Sunset magazine, hadn’t done more gardening than tend to a pot of basil in New York when she worked at Saveur. Today, she’s got a year-and-a-half of vegetable and fruit gardening, chicken rearing, bee-hive caring and even cow milking under her belt and is the author of the new book The One-Block Feast: An Adventure in Food from Yard to Table (Ten Speed, $25). Sunset is currently holding the One Block Party contest, inviting people to live as local as they can get.

Make Yourself Feel Better About the Weather With Plants

In other parts of the country summer is all about being outdoors in the garden - shocking, right? With our recent spurt of bad weather it seems like nothing could flourish in the gloomy fog beyond our front doors, and if you're feeling a bit underwhelmed by your plants - be they in your backyard, on your windowsill, or even indoors - we hear you. The wind has blown off half of our dwarf citrus tree's leaves but it has still got a fighting spirit left in it, and so do we. That's why we'll be making our way over to the Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park this weekend for their annual Summer Gardening Fair.

Horticultural Bad Ass Amy Stewart's Garden Will Knock 'Em Dead. (Literally)

We've had an itch lately to start planting a little garden. Maybe it's all the abundance at the Farmer's Market that's got us wanting to sow the land (cause it sure isn't the weather), but we keep adding more potted herbs and flowers to our minuscule balcony. However, after checking out this article in the New York Times on horticultural bad ass Amy Stewart, we're starting to find our setup rather... well, tame.

Deals at Flora Grubb

The fallback gift for Valentine's Day is usually to say it with flowers, but this year why not say it with a potted planted? It's the gift that keeps giving, seeing as it won't be tossed out in a week, and with the big sale going on over at Flora Grubb this month, it's a cost-effective choice too. Get 25% off on all garden plants that are 2 gallons or larger, and 25% off most garden furniture and accessories. We're particularly fond of their stock tanks (shown here) which would work perfectly as a little garden container for the urban green thumb you adore.

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