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George A. Romero

Paranoia Cuts Deep in ‘The Crazies’

The sleepy town of Ogden Marsh, Iowa – the “friendliest place on earth,” as its roughly 1,250 residents are fond of saying – is about to undergo an extreme makeover. It begins, inauspiciously enough, with the town drunk, who wanders onto the baseball field on Opening Day, armed with a shotgun and a thousand-yard stare. From there, things go downhill fast.

Life Is a Blood-Soaked Highway in 'Zombieland'

There is no social satire to be gleaned from the stylishly staged skull crunching in Ruben Fleischer’s post-apocalyptic comedy Zombieland – and not much in the way of serious horror. The first-time feature director (formerly of ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!) aims more for laughs than for the unrelenting dread of George A. Romero’s Living Dead movies, and he succeeds almost effortlessly: At 81 minutes, his debut is cheerfully macabre, briskly paced, brimming with demented energy, and otherwise totally disposable.

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