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Gerard Butler

Home Movies: ‘Donnie Darko’ Director Richard Kelly Returns with ‘The Box’

It begins, of course, with the box, a curious-looking device on which rests a large red button. It arrives on the couple’s doorstep along with a calling card, under the cloak of night. But why?

A stranger arrives at their door the next day with an offer too tempting to ignore. Press the button and collect a million tax-free dollars, in cash. The catch? Someone – comfortingly, another stranger – will die.

Home Movies: ‘Hunger,’ Steven Soderbergh's ‘Che’ Get Criterion Makeovers

Hunger is a study in cinematic minimalism, and that, finally, is what lends it such blunt force. It follows the final six weeks in the life of Irish Republican Army militant Bobby Sands, who helped organize the seven-month hunger strike that would claim his life in 1981, after 66 days. But this is not a hagiography of Sands, or a shot at British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, whose reaction to his passing was at best unfeeling. First-time filmmaker Steve McQueen’s quietly devastating drama is a meditation on the depths of degradation men will endure in pursuit of the respect they think they deserve.

Win Free Passes to See Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx in 'Law Abiding Citizen' Tonight at the Metreon

For Jamie Foxx, the Oscar-winning star of Taylor Hackford's 2004 biopic Ray, the decision to play one of the leads in the new thriller Law Abiding Citizen was easy.

“I know when I want to work with certain people,” says Foxx, 41. “I remember the feeling that I had when I saw 300. Gerard Butler was at the top of his game in that movie, and I immediately wanted to do a film with him. On top of that, [Kurt Wimmer's script] tells a cool, interesting story.”

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