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Don't Call It Sweet: Germain Robin's Absinthe Has No Sugar Added

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged very positively about the new Absinthe from Germain-Robin. I was a little perplexed, therefore, to receive an anguished voicemail from Crispin Cain, who distills the spirit. He was happy with my enthusiastic review, but had one complaint.

I called his absinthe "sweet".

The Green Fairy Goes White: Germain-Robin Absinthe is a Knockout

Last year's absinthe boom yielded some beauts (St. George) and some duds (Pernod). But while the St. George Absinthe was, by a long shot, for me the best of the lot, as Eric AsimovĀ  noted in the Times, it's not for everyone.

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