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Obsessed: Sharon Ardiana of Gialina on Banh Mi Sandwiches

I’m obsessed with banh mi sandwiches, especially the ones at Saigon Sandwich. It’s so ramshackle, and there is always a line. It’s always crazy. It’s neither hip nor trendy. But this is a place for people who want a good sandwich. The roll is perfect—not too soft, not too hard. It’s like the Goldilocks of sandwich bread. And the balance of ingredients is just right. Meat, lightly pickled shredded daikon and carrot, fresh cilantro, and raw, honkin’ slices of jalapeño that bring it all home. Also, the counter at Saigon Sandwich is always filled with interesting things, like sticky rice in banana leaves. Plus, it’s less than $4 for a sandwich, so I usually order a half-dozen of them and give them to my staff, who are also kind of obsessed.

First Bite: Ragazza

The whole neighborhood probably let out a collective cheer when news spread that Sharon Ardiana, proprietress of the popular Glen Park pizzeria, Gialina, would be opening her second restaurant in the Metro Hotel, at Page and Divisadero.

Ed Levine Takes Two Pizzerias and Breaks Down Their Soul

Last week, I blogged in defense of Pizzeria Delfina versus Gialina, an opinion I still stand by.

Michael Bauer might have beat him to it, but finally Ed Levine posted his personal opinion about Gialina and Delfina's pizza on the Slice blog.

Is Gialina Really the Best Pizza in SF?

Michael Bauer blogged today about bringing Ed Levine (the NY-based food writer and pizza fanatic) to Gialina, the Glen Park pizzeria that Bauer claims makes the best pizza in SF. Then he threw in this little diss:

On the way to Gialina, Levine stops by Delfina Pizzeria and Bi-Rite. "[Ed] thought [Bi-Rite] ice cream was much better than the [Pizzeria Delfina] pizza, which he said was good but not great"

Jamie Lauren: Where I Eat On Monday Nights

As a chef, one of my favorite things to do is go out for dinner. I hate the thought of cooking at home—hate hate hate! I figure if I spend 60-plus hours a week in a restaurant, one of my luxuries when I am not at work is to have someone else cook my dinner. So, behold, my list of places I go on my night off.

1. Gialina

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