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A Good Idea

Your 7 Favorite Charities: A Good Idea

Weeks ago, we asked you to nominate your favorite local charities. Check out the seven you chose as your favorite in the city here, who will each be receiving a $700 gift from us.  We've also been profiling each of these on our website. Vote for your favorite to be featured as a "Charity You Love" in our February issue!

Nearly three years ago Jared Paul had a transformation, or as he calls it “a one-third life crisis."  But whereas most life crises just lead to break-ups, meditation or quitting a corporate job – all of which he also did – Jared’s inspired him to found a nonprofit called A Good Idea.  A Good Idea creates positive social change by connecting people who want to help with people in need specifically the homeless population. We asked Jared what’s happening at A Good Idea and if buying a sports car ever crossed his mind.

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