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great american music hall

This Saturday: Food, Drink, and Pairing with Widmer Brewing

Widmer Brothers, one of Oregon's leading craft breweries, is taking their show on the road with an "Explore Your Craft" tour, featuring all-you-can-eat-and-drink food and beer pairings. They've already visited Boston, and SF is next on the list (to be followed by Orlando and Seattle).

Twilight Singers to Play "Blackberry Belle" in its Entirety at GAMH in September: Tickets On Sale Now

Performing an album in its entirety has definitely become a trend over the last few years. This year alone Jethro Tull will dust off Aqualung for its 40th anniversary, Matthew Sweet will relive Girlfriend for its 20th, and Pixies continue to add dates to their never-ending Doolittle tour because—well, probably because people are still paying for tickets. Add to this list Greg Dulli's Twilight Singers, who will play their 2004 album Blackberry Belle in its entirety one night only at the Great American Music Hall on September 17.

Washed Out's Future Beyond Chillwave is Clear

Two years ago, when then chillwave-darling Ernest Greene, mastermind of Washed Out, gleefully skipped onstage at Rickshaw Stop on his first tour ever, the Southern boy's adorable smile and unbridled excitement (without even a bit of pretentiousness) was just enough to melt his San Francisco audience's icy, way-too-cool facades, getting arms to unfold and hips to move ever so slightly. But would the music, propelled with backing band Small Black, live up to all the hype–especially now that chillwave seems like such a flash in the pan?

From "Bullhead" to "Stoner Witch," The Melvins Play Their Best Albums @ Great American Music Hall This May

While there's nothing like the kind of live show you couldn't predict even with a crystal ball, there's still something intensely satisfying about watching a band dig out its best album and play the whole thing exactly like the day it first blew your mind. In that vein, two of the best shows all year are coming up in May, when the walls of Great American Music Hall will shake from the thunderous booms of one of the greatest sludge metal bands ever, The Melvins.

Noise Pop 2011 Photos: Ben Gibbard and Zach Rogue @ Great American Music Hall

The party can’t go on forever. This year’s weeklong Noise Pop Festival went out with a bang, a sigh and swaying fans came to worship at the whim of Ben Gibbard last night. Headlining a rare solo show at a packed Great American Music Hall, the indie rock icon brought out the nostalgia and a little of the future of his band Death Cab for Cutie with tons of favorites and a teasers from the band’s newest and seventh record Codes and Keys, due in late May.

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