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A Modern Guide to Haight-Ashbury

Of all San Francisco neighborhoods, Haight-Ashbury has the most remnants from the past, where tie-dye was the collective uniform and spliffs were dietary staples. A lot has changed since then, but you can still feel—and smell—the spirit of the hippie-culture floating through the Haight. No matter if you are looking for old vintage shops or hip new restaurants, Haight Ashbury is a San Francisco original. 

Fashion Mashup: Upper Haight meets FiDi

Seeing the (ahem) popularity of last week's mashup of two of the most stereotyped SF neighborhoods got us thinking of how we could possibly follow with another. But alas, once the Haight was mentioned it all became clear. This week's muse is a businessman by day who's a hippie at heart, reflected in his style by adding a dash of 'Summer of Love' flair into his work wear. So turn on some Dead and indulge yourself:

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