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Hangar 1 Vodka

Honor Mother Earth With This Refreshing Cocktail Recipe

Earth Day falls on a Friday this year, which means we'll be combining our love for our beautiful planet with our love of refreshing cocktails. 

Hangar 1, 7x7, and Lookout Dine Together at a British Brasserie

Fresh from enjoying their celebratory after-work fete, the team at Lookout continued to celebrate their victory in the 7x7 Hangout Series with a decadent dinner held in a private room at Jen Puccio’s newest mid-Market establishment. Dozens of candles flickered, dancing off the luxe and layered decor to create an intimate and stylish atmosphere.

Lookout Toasts to Their Victory With Hangar 1

After several long weeks of fierce competition, employees of local tech startup Lookout celebrated their victory in the 7x7 Hangout Series with a festive after-work gathering at a cherished neighborhood bar. 

And the Winner of the Hangar 1 Cocktail Series Is...

Hangar 1 cocktails

25 Bay Area startups, three top SF chef and mixologist teams, three spectacular Hangar 1 Vodka infusions, and three company happy hour takeovers have all come down to this. The winner of the 7x7 Hangout series is... 

The Cavalier Debuts Their "Smashed & Stoned" Hangar 1 Cocktail

Head chef Jen Puccio and mixologist Gabriel Freiberg of The Cavalier poured their new Hangar 1 Vodka summer cocktail for the very first time this past week at local tech startup Lookout's product launch happy hour.

Rich Table Reveals Their Hangar 1 Cocktail at Pinterest's Housewarming Party

Head chef Evan Rich and mixologist Corey Harrison of Rich Table poured their new Hangar 1 Vodka wild summer cocktail for the very first time last week at Pinterest's housewarming party in celebration of their newly renovated office space.

Maven SF's Isaac Miller & Kate Bolton Debut Their New Hangar 1 Summer Cocktail

Head chef Isaac Miller and mixologist Kate Bolton of Maven SF poured their new Hangar 1 Vodka summer cocktail for the very first time this past week at local tech startup CreativeLive's office happy hour.

3 New Farmers Market Vodka Cocktails by Famed SF Restaurants

As you may have already heardHangar 1 is having a moment among San Francisco's top culinary talent. This month, 7x7 is revealing never-before-seen (or tasted) recipes from the kitchens of Rich TableMaven SF, and The Cavalier, all created from locally-sourced ingredients and Hangar 1 Vodka.

Hangar 1 Takes Over SF Tech Company Happy Hours

Being a well-known local bar favorite, Hangar 1 Vodka is set to take over the Bay Area tech world through their 7x7 Hangout series, scheduled to start mid-May.

25 Bay Area Startups Making a World of Difference

Obvious bias aside, the San Francisco Bay Area is one bad ass region. We embody ingenuity and create products that people around the world love and enjoy on a daily basis. You're all very welcome. 

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