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Beer of the Month Clubs for Brewski Buffs

One of the joys of ordering online is that, when your package arrives, it’s always a bit of a surprise. If you’re a beer fan, consider giving yourself (or someone whose refrigerator you share) a subscription to a beer of the month club. 

While it’s certainly manageable to stay current on the Bay Area beer scene, it can consume much time, money, and liver cells to research and locate the great beers of the world. The clubs below are priced similarly, and each club’s website includes a compilation of previous selections.

Move Over Wine, The Beer Bomber Is Here

If you’re looking for something to have with a tri tip, you might want to try this,” suggested Craig Wathen, the owner of City Beer Store in SoMa, as he handed me a .75-liter bottle of Sierra Nevada’s Ovila Abbey Dubbel off the shelf—a specimen big enough to contend with a bottle of wine. “It’s a hearty dubbel, almost chewy, but it’s got enough tartness from the hops to cut through the juice of a steak.”

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