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Hillary Clinton

Why Hillary Clinton Should Choose Kamala Harris as Her V.P. — Carlos Watson Weighs In

With less than three months to go until the Democratic National Convention in July, political talk has inevitably shifted to who the current party frontrunners—Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump—will choose as their running mates. And while we shudder to think who Trump will choose, there's a lot of buzz around the possibility of an all-female Democratic ticket. 

The Top Political Donors in the Bay Area

When Politico released a list of the nation's top 100 political donors for 2014 this week, we noticed that 17 of them are based in the Bay Area. At the top of the list, the biggest political donor for 2014 is a San Francisco-based couple well known for supporting legislation related to climate change.

Samasource Combats Poverty by Bringing "Microwork" to Women Overseas

Samasource Combats Poverty by Bringing Microwork to Women in Poor Countries

Entrepreneurs are using technology to change virtually every aspect of how  we do business these days, and that includes inventing new kinds of non-profit organizations (NPO).

Jennifer Siebel Newsom Confronts Sexist Stereotypes with 'Miss Representation'

When San Francisco native Jennifer Siebel Newsom arrived in Hollywood, pursuing an acting career after her time with the U.S. women’s junior national soccer team was cut short by injury, the fair-haired Stanford alum had little trouble landing recurring roles on the CBS hospital drama Presidio Med, and later NBC’s 24-inspired Life.

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