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Hip Hop Dance Fest

Look of the Week: Hip Hop Haze

With HipHop DanceFest bringing some of the most cutting-edge dance troupes in the world together this weekend in SF, it's safe to say that anyone remotely interested in dance (or dancers for that matter) should definitely be there. Even fashionistas whose dance experience is limited to watching Lady Gaga videos and Dancing with the Stars are sure to find fresh inspiration in the hip hop styles that will brighten the stage and crowds alike, which brings us to this week's look:

1. Adidas Deadstock 1988 Olympic Sapporo 72 Sweatshirt, $100: We're loving the vibrant hues and snow-capped details on this vintage find.

Pop, Lock and Crunk It: HipHop DanceFest is Back This Friday

If you like adrenaline-pumped displays of life and limb rhythmically detached from the usual boundaries of physics, check out the 11th Annual San Francisco Hip Hop Dancefest this Friday. The first festival of its kind and now an institution, it draws groups from all over the world. This year’s crop hails from Ireland, Norway, South Korea, New York, and London (as well as the slightly less exotic Oakland and Santa Rosa), and descends on San Francisco this weekend to show off gravity-confounding spins and headstands. 

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