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Parabo Press Turns Your iPhone Snaps Into Works of Art

The only thing worse than bare walls are those bland, mass-produced prints we picked up at Bed, Bath & Beyond back in college. They're not that bad, we thought. But we were wrong. Now there's an affordable solution to our need for original art that's actually cool. It's called Parabo Press. 

The Bay Area's Most Inspiring Home Décor Showrooms

Filled with eclectic pieces from mid-century to modern to craftsman, these local showrooms are sure to give you a heaping dose of décor inspiration. 

A Chandelier on the Cheap

This charming chandelier (and a few more just like it) were above head at a wedding we went to recently in Sonoma. The picture may not do it justice, but these simple lighting solutions cast a warm hue on the party and added a much appreciated rustic element to the otherwise stately french ballroom in which the event was held. Best part, they looked like an easy DIY project that anyone could replicate in their own home. Start by finding three rings to act as the exoskeleton of the chandelier. The ones used here looked like they were made from an old barrel, but we're sure you could erect something similar out of items from a craft or hardware store.

Dress Your Walls In Wallpaper And Decals

It's no secret that wallpaper has been making a major comeback in the last few years, and nowhere is the medium's progression more apparent than at locally operated online boutique Ferm Living. They're selection from designers around the world is truly inspired, and each style works almost like a piece of art to dramatically transform a room. If you've been contemplating adding a wallpapered accent wall or decal to liven up your space, now may be the perfect time; the online boutique is currently in the midst of a Close Out Sale.

Sarlo Annual Sale

This Friday and Saturday from 10-5, find everything you need to adorn your home and body for up to 50% off at Sarlo's Annual Sale. Discounted items will include vintage and new furniture and lighting, candles by Seda France, Alkemie and Zoe Chico jewelry and decorative accessories. Don't have time to make it to the sale? Shop Gabriella Sarlo's covetable collection at

Sarlo is located at 295 Kansas Street, SF 94103



It's Wedding Season (And You'll Need Gifts): Big Sales at Mission Boutiques

Winter is usually considered the season for gifting, but with all the weddings, house parties and showers you've been attending, your pocketbook may beg to differ. Mission boutiques Candystore Collective and BellJar know what's up, so starting tomorrow and running through July 23rd they'll be offering a little incentive to prettify you our your celebrating friends' homes with items on sale from 20 to 40 percent off.

Kamei Restaurant Supply: Hidden Source for Home Decor

It may come as a surprise, but Kamei Restaurant Supply in the Inner Richmond is our go-to spot for cute accessories for around the home. Sure, they're best known for carrying all manner of cooking devices, from rooster-shaped cookie cutters to giant rice dispensers, but plenty of Kamei's inventory works for areas outside of the kitchen too. We picked up this curvy little vessel to hold our keys and other detritus that accumulates in our front entrance. The shape is reminiscent of Eva Ziesel designs, but at under $4 was a much more affordable find.

Luxurious Vintage Design No Longer Obsolete

If you've been reading your Bigelow Report, you know that last week's fete for newly opened home design store Obsolete was quite the scene. It's with good reason - the SF outpost of the Venice, CA shop is chock full of completely unique, completely beautiful finds. We were swooning at the goods featured on their website, but dang!

Gabriella Sarlo's 7 Must-Haves

Gabriella Sarlo, the New York born, SF-raised owner of Potrero Hill's newest design showroom, SARLO, shares with us seven items she just can't live without. The Cow Hollow resident recently launched the new SARLO website, which design enthusiasts peruse at their own risk, as the potential to buy something amazing—from mercury glass hurricanes to an elephant head coffee table—is just too great.

Collecting Napkin Rings with Jennifer Sitko, co-founder of

Jennifer Sitko, co-founder of 2Modern, gives us a peak of her unique collection of napkin rings at her Mill Valley home. Ranging from quirky (think precariously perched pears) to exotic (a wooden giraffe carving), Sitko's collection adds a playful element to any table setting.

How did you start collecting napkin rings?

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