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The Honey Brothers

Adrian Grenier's Ready to Rock Wanderlust

Whether they're telling reporters they met at "ukulele fantasy camp" or blogging about 6 AM drink orders in Copenhagen, it's pretty clear The Honey Brothers like to have a good time. Though perhaps best known for drummer Adrian Grenier's other gig as Vincent Chase on HBO's Entourage, the band has steadily built a solid reputation of its own. Forming in the wake of 9/11, The Honey Brothers have based their eight-year career on bringing joy to their music and to their fans. Made up of band members Grenier (Honey DuContra), Andrew Vladeck (Dory Honey), Ari Gold (Hoyt Honey), D.S. Posner (Carl Honey) and Ethan Gold (Kid Honey), The Honey Brothers plan to release an LP this month and are taking their show on the road.

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