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This House Cray: The Flood Estate, Woodside, CA

Asking price: $69,800,000

Year built: 1941

Number of bedrooms: Nine

Number of bathrooms: Eight and a half

Acreage: 92 acres

This House Cray: The Estate and Lands of de Guigne, Hillsborough, CA

Asking price: $100,000,000

Year built: 1914

Number of bedrooms: Seven

Number of bathrooms: Nine

Acreage of land: 47

This House Cray: Tobin Clark Estate, Hillsborough, CA

Asking price: $26,000,000

Year built: 1931

Number of bedrooms: 12

Number of bathrooms: 13.5

Hillsborough is a pretty sleepy, small town, but one thing that is decidedly not small or sleepy is the Tobin Clark Estate, located on 40 Verbalee Lane.

This House Cray: 3800 Washington Street, San Francisco (On Sale!)

Asking price: $21,000,000
Former asking price: $25,000,000
Year built: Circa 1902
Number of bedrooms: Eight
Number of bathrooms: Seven

This House Cray: 2820 Scott Street

Asking price: $24,800,000

Year built: 1905

Number of bedrooms: Seven

Number of bathrooms: Nine and a half

This House Cray: 164 Sea Cliff Avenue

Asking price: $18,500,000

Year built: 1920

Number of bedrooms: Seven

Number of bathrooms: Five full, two half, all "flooded with natural light"

If you're not ready to spend your millions on an apartment in the Mission (newly declared as SF's most desired area), throw down on 164 Sea Cliff Avenue–the third-most expensive home for sale in the city.

This House Cray: 2950 Vallejo Street, San Francisco

Asking Price: $19,500,000

Year built: 1927

Number of bedrooms: Eight

This House Cray: 807 Francisco Street in San Francisco, CA

Asking Price: $13,500,000

Number of bedrooms: Seven

Number of bathrooms: Five full, two half

Years on the market: Four months

That House Cray: 101 Belvedere Avenue in Tiburon, CA

Asking Price: $21,950,000

Year built: 1988

Number of bedrooms: Six

Number of bathrooms: Eight

Years on the market: Two years and 240 days

Unlike most of the rest of the country, the luxury housing market in the Bay Area is alive, and, well, booming–just take a lil looksy at the three most pricey homes sold in the Bay in 2012 if you don't believe us. And while it's not necessarily a sign that times for all the rest of us are changing for the better (you guessed correctly, it's mostly tech moguls who are snatching these babies up), we glad the housing market at least has a pulse once again.

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