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House of Prime Rib

House of Prime Rib Has a Secret Menu ... and It's Delicious!

A Bay Area institution with a cult following, House of Prime Rib has been serving quality cuts to locals and tourists alike since the 1940s. In fact, the iconic restaurant goes through upwards of 5,000 pounds of meat per week(!), which means that the shiny steel-domed “meat zeppelins” that make the restaurant so fun, have carted around millions and millions of pounds of prime rib over their long life. That's a lot of meat sweats. 

Obsessed! Cheryl Burr, Pastry Chef at Citizen's Band and Pinkie's Bakery on Prime Rib


"I’m kind of a prime rib snob. I love it because it’s beefy and tender, and I always get it rare. In life, beef is one of my top five favorite things. I used to work in hotels a lot, so I think that’s where I developed my taste for it. I used to try to sneak in a slice before the prime rib went out onto the buffet.

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