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Hunx & His Punx

Hunx and His Punx Album Release Party @ Bottom of the Hill Saturday

On his debut album, Too Young to Be in Love, out tomorrow, Seth Bogart (aka Hunx of Oakland band Hunx and His Punx) does two things very well. Drawing inspiration from pop’s formative years during the Brill Building heyday––which gave us everything from big bands to Bobby Darin to ’60s girl groups––Bogart’s set of ragged and innocent songs of love and heartbreak both honor those glory days and brilliantly turn them on their proverbial heads. Bogart’s flamboyance is icing on the cake, making the songs even more deliciously fun.

Hunx & His Punx Announce Tour Dates For Upcoming Debut Album

There are big things afoot for local musician and trash star Seth Bogart, better known to those on the scene as the flamboyant Hunx, of Hunx & His Punx. He wears his forever-lovelorn heart on his sleeve for the band's debut album Too Young To Be In Love (Hardly Art), which drops in late March and features his ragged and innocent Brill Building-esque garage pop tunes about cruising for guys, stolen kisses on lovers' lane (listen to the LP's Shangri-Las-influenced first single here), and of course, heartache.

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