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Ian McKellen

X-Men Claw Their Way Back to the Ranks of the Superhero Elite in 'First Class'

Ah, to be young and a mutant. To be able to read minds, to soar high above the clouds, even to shape-shift into a supermodel one lonely night at the bar. Sounds like a blast? Think again.
The genetic anomalies of X-Men: First Class are a conflicted bunch, initially baffled by their superhuman gifts and, ultimately, persecuted because of them. They are feared, reviled and misunderstood, but when the world seems to teeter on the brink of nuclear holocaust, as it did during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, they prove uniquely talented as peacekeepers.

Dear Hollywood, Stop Destroying the Golden Gate Bridge

Since its opening on May 27, 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge has been targeted by a power-hungry Silicon Valley entrepreneur (in the 1985 Bond adventure A View to a Kill), a super-villain bent on world domination (Lex Luthor, in 1978’s Superman: The Movie), and even an oversized octopus (in the 1955 camp classic It Came from Beneath the Sea).

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