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ICHI Sushi

Weekend Guide: Maker Faire, Ichi Brunch & Custom Prada Shoes

"Better days are coming. They are called Saturday and Sunday." - anonymous

Cheap Date: Ichi Sushi

It’s not every sushi chef in town who will bid his familiar customers farewell with a fist bump, but it suffices to say that Tim Archuleta is not like other sushi chefs. To begin with, he’s not Japanese—not even Asian. And for the past many months, prior to opening Ichi, he made a name for his business by serving sushi at catered events and during happy hour at Bender’s Bar (he earned his raw fish chops working at Tokyo Go Go). Meanwhile, along with his wife Erin, he had major projects underway. The first was a Japanese deli, Lucky Cat, that opened in the 331 Cortland market in Bernal Heights.

First Bite: Ichi Sushi

Those who frequent Bender's Bar are probably familiar with Tim Archuleta—if not by name, then by sushi, which he peddles under the name Ichi Sushi and serves at the Mission bar Monday nights during happy hour. He (and wife Erin) are also proprieters of Lucky Cat, a Japanese deli housed in the 331 Cortland marketplace in Bernal Heights (home also to Bernal Cutlery, Wholesome Bakery and El Porteño empanadas).

ICHI Sushi Opens Tonight In the Outer Mission

Roll fanatics, take note. ICHI Sushi, the brainchild of Tim and Erin Archuleta, is opening its Outer Mission brick-and-mortar restaurant tonight! Though the restaurant is a first for the duo, they cut their teeth first with a catering venture before later opening Lucky Cat Deli at 331 Cortland. Insiders know Ichi is also responsible for the Monday night sushi at Bender's.  

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