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Photos: San Francisco Conservatory of Music Gala 2012

The San Francisco Conservatory of Music is the oldest conservatory in the American West. Since founded in 1917, it has earned an international reputation for producing musicians of the highest caliber. On April 24, the San Francisco Conservatory of Music Gala was celebrated in honor of Colin Murdoch’s 20th anniversary as the school’s president.

Memorial Day on the Fly

Another three-day weekend and you're left without plans (and quite possibly, money, too). What to do? Where to go? How to do it? Lucky for you, the Bay Area is hardly void of cheap-and-easy thrills. Here are some ideas simple enough to plan with a moment's notice.

Surf lessons at Bolinas Beach. Learn to ride the waves at one of the Bay Area's more popular--not to mention, taxing--surf spots. Lessons and classes are a dime a dozen at outfitters like 2 Mile Surf Shop. You might even spot some of us 7x7 staffers hanging out on land having a barbeque, too!

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