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IKEA Hacks from SF's Fixed Design

I've professed my love for certain things IKEA before, but there's also plenty that leaves me cold. For instance, I could do without that sinking certainty after a purchase that–regardless of what you're coming home with–there are hundreds, nay, thousands of homes with exactly the same thing, instantly recognizable in style to all who see it.

The IKEA Car?

We're skeptical about this one, but imagine the convenience? Walk in for some Swedish meatballs, leave with a car. And you thought the directions for a side table were bad. A mysterious website popped up recently touting an IKEA car. Those who speak French, let us in on what the nicely dressed host is talking about (he looks like a Mac user). The "LEKO" (L'eco) is supposedly a collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund in France. But before you get your hopes up, the launch date is April 1st, fools.

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