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Impact Theatre

Impact Theatre's Of Dice and Men

Impact Theatre brings Dungeons and Dragons to life - however, there will be fewer dragons and more incisive commentary about adulthood and the adults who play Dungeons and Dragons. It's also possible that the only basement present will be the one you're sitting in. (Impact's theater is under a pizza parlor.) 

Working for the Mouse at Impact Theatre

Beneath the gleeful pitter pat of tiny feet in the Magic Kingdom is less pixie dust and more debauchery and disillusionment. Award-winning local playwright Trevor Allen (The Creature and Lolita Roadtrip) first descended into the bowels of the Happiest Place on Earth for the 1996 Fringe Festival, where he scored so much popular and critical acclaim that he turned it into a full-length play.

Disassembly: Dark Comedy in Berkeley

Impact knows black comedy. So does local playwright Steve Yockey. Thus, a marriage is made in dark humor heaven.

Yockey is gaining some serious traction in the Bay Area and his fourth world premiere is currently playing at Impact. Disassembly tells the tale of Evan, an accident-prone man who beats his previous record of disturbing injuries by getting himself stabbed in the shoulder. As he heals, his apartment is invaded by his sister, his fiancee, a bitter neighbor with a troubling assortment of stuffed cats, and an influx of random visitors. Desdemona Chiang directs the convergence of treacherous secrets as Evan’s apartment becomes a hotbed of lies and disaster and, apparently, a whole mess of plush felines. 

Romeo and Juliet (Russian Mafia Style) Extended at Impact Theatre

After turning people away at the door, Impact Theatre extends its sold-out run of Romeo and Juliet through Saturday. If you want to see stellar indie theater where wolfing down pizza and beer during the show is allowed, even encouraged (try doing that at the Curran), head to Berkeley to see young romance turn into a bloodbath. 

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