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Geek Out with Jessie Schell Tonight at 'Visions of Gamepocalypse'

I'm fresh out of Inception and still grappling with what to make of it. For one...what? For two, I'm tending to agree with the web mumblings on the film's video game ties. The snow scene? I don't play Modern Warfare 2, but if I walked into the theater while those faceless-snow-warriors-on-skis were shooting at some undefined building in the middle of some undefined mountains, I would think I was in a teenage boy's video game lair.

Video games are increasingly an integral part of our cultural consciousness and tonight's lecture at YBCA is dedicated to this very topic.

‘Inception’ a Stunning Journey of the Subconscious Imagination

It isn’t impossible to describe Inception, the wondrous new thriller written and directed by Christopher Nolan, in the limited space afforded here, but it’s close. Rarely is a story this ambitious brought to the screen.

Inspired at times by movie classics, modern and otherwise – Dark City and Minority Report, but also Metropolis, Citizen Kane and the best 007 adventures – it earns its place in the same conversation, a tribute to Nolan’s ingenuity. The breadth and detail of his vision is extraordinary.

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