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In Photos: Seven Days of San Francisco Music

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This town knows music. On any given night, you can find whatever genre you're jonesing to hear, sing, or dance along with. Here's a taste of what happened in the San Francisco music scene the past seven days...

YACHT's Light and Dark Sides Meet on the Dance Floor at the Independent

Who says music can’t be both intellectually stimulating and shamelessly fun? 

Renaissance Man Reggie Watts Comes to the Independent

Underneath Reggie Watts’ Sideshow Bob ’fro are eyes that often open and shut when he’s singing, usually when he’s belting out a fetching falsetto or some other visceral groove. But it’s also possible that he’s just not very good at winking.

Sleigh Bells, Neon Indian Slay Hearts and Minds at the Independent

Last night’s Sleigh Bells/Neon Indian show at the Independent was one of those nights we’ll recall 20 years from now when we’re explaining to our robot doctor why we’ve gone partially deaf:

“Why didn’t you wear ear plugs?” the doctor will ask, unfamiliar with human masochism.
“Well. It was f-ing’ Sleigh Bells doc. They’re gloriously loud, and we didn’t want to miss a decibel,” we’ll say sans regret, adding “that’s kind of the point with some bands. Now fix me.”

TV on the Radio Soldiers On at The Independent

We can only assume there’s a collective wisdom in the old showbiz saying that the show must go on, as it did for mid-career Brooklyn band TV on the Radio last night at The Independent. Their bassist-keyboardist Gerard Smith, a band member since 2003, passed away on April 20 after a brief but brave bout with lung cancer, which the public learned of just a month before his passing. So fingers were dutifully crossed in the hopes that last night’s rescheduled show offered some therapeutic value, or at least the occasional moment of distraction from the grim tragedy that has befallen this band.

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