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the independent

Photos: Middle Brother @ The Independent

Middle Brother (members of Dawes + Deer Tick + Delta Spirit)

NOISE POP 2011 Review: Geographer @ The Independent

What could be more romantic than a cellist? That’s the question I kept asking myself the Independent while watching Geographer. Things got downright intimate last night—I’m surprised the entire crowd wasn’t holding hands by the end of their amazing set.

With the audience swaying to the bubbly, synth-driven melodies of three-man band, singing along to the “ooohs” and “aaahs” prevalent in many of their songs, lead singer Michael Deni’s haunting yet soothing voice led us through a love story that makes you want to cry and smile and sigh all at the same time.

NOISE POP 2011 Photos: Dan Deacon (Solo), Ed Schraders Music Beat, Oona, Altar

Dan Deacon is a tease. From his sound check to the music itself, the Baltimore-based analog wizard's first Noise Pop set was a glitchy glimpse into the restless mind of one of the best indie showmen travelling the country right now. Set up on the floor of the Independent, engulfed by eager fans' faces plastered with Cheshire Cat grins and testing his Vocoder and noodling on his equipment under the light of a glowing green skull, Deacon cracked jokes about Simon & Garfunkel tunes and braced the crowd (and himself) for his second show since Halloween.

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