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Instagram Reveals Colorful New Logo ... and People Are Already Mad

If, like pretty much everyone we know, you opened your eyes this morning and immediately checked your social media feeds, then you may have noticed a brand new colorful app on your phone. That purple-pink-and-orange mess is Instagram's new logo

Monday Night's Rainbow in San Francisco Was Glorious [Slideshow]

On Monday evening, as a spring rain gave way to magical double rainbows over San Francisco, puppies and unicorns and baby goats played with joyful abandon in the streets of SF, sparkling rosé flowed in city's fountains, and cannabis-scented clouds ballooned over Dolores Park. It was one of those moments when we all remembered why we live here, even if we can't afford our rent or our $5 toast.  

San Francisco's Most Delicious Instagram Accounts

Instagram is more than just a photosharing app—it gives people a glimpse into the lives and worlds of each of its individual users. Put the app in the hands of restaurants and chefs, and you can expect a very delicious, mouth-watering glimpse. Here are our favorite Instagram accounts from local chefs and restaurants in San Francisco.

Local Photographers Who Got Their Big Breaks on Instagram

Thanks to the phenomenon of Instagram, photographers now transform our everyday lives into something more. By bringing magic to the mundane, Instagrammers have come to the forefront as influencers, leading lives that we lust for as we pore over their images in endless scrolling and liking. It is a new age for photojournalism. Here, meet five Bay Area photographers who made it thanks to Instagram.

Start Uploading Your Vertical and Horizontal Photos to Instagram Now!

Oh, happy day! For those of you sick and tired of always having to format your selfies in a square, or using a third party app to crop that landscape shot, Instagram has (finally) heard your plea. You can now upload horizontal and vertical images directly to your feed. 

Snap a Selfie to Win Tickets to SF Ballet's 'Romeo & Juliet'

Romeo & JulietIt's one of the most popular and romantic stories of all time, and the San Francisco Ballet is taking it on. Don't miss your chance to win a pair of tickets for a perfect date night.

Instagram Introduces Layout, a Better App for Photo Collages

Of the three most important social media apps available — Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — the latter is by far the best. Not only does it give us the peace of mind that Facebook can no longer deliver (too many people addicted to being offended by absolutely everything), it comparatively eliminates the popularity contest of Twitter (verification is so very "we wear pink on Wednesdays"). Instagram's beauty is in its simplicity. Neither fuss nor muss. Just a tranquil stream of images to peruse. Instagram's new app, Layout, will make said stream even prettier.

Inside the Instagram-Worthy House of Lifestyle Blogger Say Yes

Liz Stanley, founder of Say Yes, draws inspiration from her life and surroundings to curate chic outfits, unique DIY projects, and wondrous decor. 

7 Local Instagrams You Should Follow Right Now

The Bay Area is full to the brim with talented, creative, attractive and curious characters. And many of them are no slouch with a camera, either! We've compiled a list of some of the best local Instagram profiles for you. Enjoy.

#7x7SundayBest Photos

Gone are the days when children dressed in their Sunday best and helped mom set the table for family supper. In the spirit of putting some of that good-ol'-day charm back in SF, 7x7 wants to see what our readers bring to the table. 

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