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Our Favorite Shots of the Endeavour Flying Over San Francisco

As the Endeavour passed over the city this morning, you all Instagrammed like crazy! The retired NASA space shuttle made its final flight down the California coast atop a modified 747 jumbo jet today. After completing a total of 25 flights to space, the shuttle certainly derserved all the attention it got from the people of San Francisco. The California Science Center in Los Angeles is the shuttle's new and permanent home. In case today's flight over the city wasn't enough for you, it will be on public display starting October 30. 

For those who missed the shuttle, the 7x7 team chose some of their favorite photos from today's excitement to share. Take a look at what some of your fellow San Franciscans saw this morning.

We Told You They Were Hot: Instagram Founders Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom

Instagram Founders

The Image-Makers
Mike Krieger, 25, and Kevin Systrom, 27
Instagram founders

Photographed by Cody Pickens in Instagram’s SoMa office

How Are You Spending Your Leap Day?

Leap Day Rainbow

Today you get a whole extra day for the first time in four years. How are you spending these 24 hours? Let us know via Twitter or Instagram!

Think You've Got the Best Men's Style in SF? Instagram it!

Think You've Got the Best Men's Style in SF? Instagram it!

Many of you were less than thrilled with our offering of men's street style in San Francisco. Think you know a dude who struts his stuff better? Show us!

How Are You Spending Valentine's Day? Show Us on Instagram

How Are You Spending Valentine's Day? Show Us on Instagram

Today's the kind of day when people are either completely stoked on life or waiting for the moment they can post up at a bar and drink until they forget they're single. Do you love or hate Valentine's Day? Do you dress in all red, or drown your sorrows with your friends by singing angry karaoke songs? We want to know, via Instagram.

New Fashion Blogger Bible 'Style Yourself' Features Local Style Scribes

We all know that getting that perfect mix of high/low is tougher than it looks. Which is exactly why 95 trusted international fashion bloggers, led by Jane Aldridge (Sea of Shoes), created the book Style Yourself: Inspired Advice from the World’s Top Fashion Bloggers, which hits shelves July 1. Published by local house Weldon Owen, the book features several of our local style bloggers, including Dyanna Pure (The SF Style), and SF turned NYC blogging sensation, Jannine Jacob (The Coveted).

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