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interior design

Inside a Multi-Tasking Mill Valley Family Room

A great family room is so much more than a space with a TV and storage for toys. With furniture collected from years of traveling, their first home purchase, and three bilingual children under the age of seven, Stephen and Ritsuko Morse put their living room in the hands of Homepolish designer Libra Kaplan,

Inside a Calm, Cool, and Collected Laurel Heights Home

For style-savvy newlyweds in Laurel Heights, five hours with Homepolish designer Jason Wong was all they needed to turn their apartment into the classic, well-tailored home they'd always dreamed of. 

A Glam Midcentury Executive Office in the Presidio

Sometimes you just need to start over. Pre-makeover, this office was all sage green and burgundy with chunky Craftsman furniture.

Inside an Industrial-Chic SoMa Bachelor Pad

This SoMa bachelor pad is simple, masculine, and definitely not overdone.

A Designer-Friendly Alamo Square Home

On the border of Alamo Square Park (overlooking the Full House family's famous picnic spot!) lives Janette Yost Crawford, head of expansion for Homepolish and mother to 3-year-old Viv. With a deep love for comfortable, practical, and beautiful design, one of Janette's solutions for both a toddler-and visitor-friendly home (translation: enough space for play dates and a neighborly cocktail hour—not necessarily mutually exclusive events) was to keep half of the living room furniture free.

Say Hello to The Millworks Shop-in-Shop at HD Buttercup

Millworks Shop-in-Shop at HD Buttercup

There are many quick mood fixers in San Francisco: Biking, Golden Gate sunsets, a day at the de Young, a sweet treat from Tartine Bakery, the Polish martini at Blondie's. Likewise, a trip to SOMA's HD Buttercup always revives the spirit. If you need a lift, peruse HD Buttercup's new addition: the Millworks shop-in-shop, inspired by happy-go-lucky LA-based textile designer Andrea Bernstein.

It's Hard Out There for a Hipster

There's lots to "ooh" and "ahh" over in design magazines, but when you're not zoning in on potential DiY projects or stellar architectural details, the bigger picture can be a bit perplexing. How come everyone looks as angsty as an old rerun of the O.C.? Is life really so bleak inside those haute modern walls? Take a moment to dwell on the obsurdity of it all with new website Unhappy Hipsters.

Unlimited Funds + Limited Taste = Nerd Mansions of San Francisco

A blank check for a budget and complete creative license: sounds like a decorating dream, no? Yet for many dot com millionaires throughout the city the prospect of decorating a home is as unappealing as... well, probably as the idea of hours of writing code is to the rest of us. The 'task' then naturally gets outsourced to someone else; in this case, it's interior designer to the (pixelated) stars, Ken Fulk.

Design Towers Above All on the 53rd Floor of One Rincon Hill

Here's a dilemma we'd be happy to have: how to decorate around sweeping, floor-to-ceiling panoramic views of the city? That was the issue posed to four lucky designers participating in Design Above All, a decorator's showcase going on now at One Rincon Hill. In collaboration with the San Francisco Design Center, area firms Carver+Schicketanz, Eugene Anthony and Associates, Labexperiment, and Donald Joseph Inc. were each responsible for decking out one of four luxury residences located on the 53rd floor of the building.

Terrifying Furniture

We prefer design that's both innovative and accessible, but we've seen plenty of pieces that are borderline intimidating, either in price or sheer perplexity (should I sit on this or put it up on the wall?). But terrifying, that's new to us. Fast Company put together a list of the 12 creepiest furniture designs recently released by several up-and-coming designers. If you want to freak out your kids or disgust your guests, one of these pieces just might be what you're looking for. Check out the entire list here.

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