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Intersection for the Arts

Applied Science: "By-product Becomes Product" at Intersection for the Arts

Stop for a second, and think about the number of toxins you touch, breathe, even taste in one day. Then think about what that means for those whose jobs bring them in constant, enduring contact of those materials for a living. Intersection of the Art's latest cross-disciplinary project "By-product Becomes Product" examines the role and effect of hazardous materials specifically in the artist's studio.

Mirrors in Every Corner

In an interview, 25-year-old playwright Chinaka Hodge called her world premiere "a hilarious jaunt through racism and lynchings." Turns out, she wasn't kidding. Mirrors in Every Corner is a deeply funny (I had to clap my hand over my mouth a few times to stifle the hyena-like snorts), genre-twisting story of a family just like any other family - three squabbling siblings, a harried mother, and a baby sister with strawberry blonde curls and green eyes.

Sunday Mourning: Erika Chong Shuch And Sean San Jose Perform at Intersection

If you’ve ever seen them in action, you’ll want to see anything talents like Erika Chong Shuch. resident artist and choreographer at Intersection for the Arts, and Sean San Jose, nonprofit program director and member of resident theater ensemble Campo Santo, freely dream up. And now you get a chance to see what’s moving them at the moment with The Future Project: Sunday Will Come, their new performance collabo at Intersection. The performance -- conceived as part of a cycle of new works that aims to grapple with the unknown -- runs through Nov. 7.

Last Day to See Naked Art (Yep, Like Naked People)

Fall arts are in full force and if there’s one “out there” performance you should give a go, it’s The Symmetry Project Study #19: Solo Medi(t)ations/Intersections. Presented by Gravity dance-theater at Intersection for the Arts, this live-art fluid installation will be on view for two days only (Tuesday, 9/22 and Wednesday, 9/23). Nothing short of an otherworldly experience, what you see is all you’ll get—two naked bodies, one male and one female, negotiating improvisational movement of bodies in space and time. The only rule: self-imposed symmetrical movement, relative to themselves or to each other.

Away They Go: Junot Diaz And Dave Eggers In Conversation

Not far from the hopping cultural crossroads of 16th and Valencia, Intersection for the Arts has been making a name for itself for decades as another kind of meeting place -- and the site of riveting collaborations with literary heavyweights such as Denis Johnson, stage productions like the fierce, hip-hop-laced Angry Black White Boy, and such ambitious interdisciplinary endeavors as the Prison Project.

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