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7 Free iPhone Apps for Fashion Lovers

After a recent onslaught of fashion-forward iPhone applications from designers, fashion magazines and all manner of retail brands, even those outside the fashion world are taking notice. The Wall Street Journal even went so far as to dub iPhone fashion apps the must-have accessories of the season.

The World's First Working iPhone Costume

This trumps any costume we've seen so far. Laughing Squid reports today on the world's first working iPhone costume. Reko Rivera and Bobby Hartman made these babies out of real 42'' LCD TVs and modified the iPhone software to allow a live dual image output in landscape mode. The whole costume cost them $2,000. A small price to pay for Halloween dominance.  Check them in action below.

Jorge Colombo's Sweet SF iPhone Sketches

Jorge Colombo's now-famous iPhone art (which has graced the cover of The New Yorker) has until now, only chronicled the streets of New York.  But now, the former San Francisco Magazine art director has taken his Brushes skills to the road, and the first city he's i-sketching is our fair San Francisco.  Give your apartment some SF love and snatch up his latest work: sketches of the Castro Theater and a downtown

The Foodspotting iPhone App: Cool?

The good people over at Eat Me Daily have already offered their mini-review of the forthcoming Foodspotting application for the iphone, which the developers are billing as a "visual local guide" that will help you "find the foods your craving" and "see what's good at any restaurant." We'll reserve judgement until we've had a chance to play around with the app, but we had to make mention of one thing that EMD didn't—that (as seen in this screen shot) the xiao long bao from Shanghai House are already getting some promotion (we like 'em, too—they made our "

Chicks Got Game Too: 7 Girl-friendly iPhone Games

Who says chicks can't play video games? Here are a few iPhone games to rescue you from boredom.

Keep up with the latest in games for your iPhone on and


iPhone 3.0 Unveiling and More!

Sorry, Halloween, the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) has you beat as our favorite time of the year. Our mouths are watering with all the announcements being made at Moscone West. Thanks, Jason Snell of Macwold for keeping us abreast of all things Keynote related.

Stuff we're pumped about:

We knew iPhone 3.0 was coming. Glad to hear we can now cut and copy. Duh? Should have been on 1.0. And MMS (i.e. texting your pics), which is now available too. Tethering, or using your phone as a wireless antenna for your computer, is all set to go. At least for every other carrier except AT&T. We hear the boos from here.

Macworld Tunes

It's definitely a stereotype, but we're going to go ahead and say it anyways: people who like Macs usually like music (and have pretty good taste). And with Apple's Monday announcement that they're freeing up iTunes from DRM, we imagine that most of these people are pretty stoked. So in the spirit of sharing the music love, we nabbed three Macworld attendees and took a look at what topped their iPod playlists. Check out the ones that passed our bar below.

Photography by Janelle Cipriano

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