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Jasper's Corner Tap

Eat Out or Eat In: Six Unexpected Super Bowl Feasts

Unexpected Super Bowl Meals and Deals

It's Super Bowl time. A time for discount beers, Super long advertisements, and a stomach-testing quantity of buffalo wings, potato skins, and homemade mystery dips. It's also a time when you'll find food deals in unexpected restaurants where business owners are hoping to tap into some of the day's money making potential. (Super Bowl sushi at Chaya, anyone?) Take a look at our rundown, including places to order take-out if you're watching the big game at home.

Pumpkin Morning, Noon and Night: An Exercise in Seasonality Disorder

We've broached seasonality disorder once or twice in the past. Maybe you experience it while biting into a peach on a cold August day. Or perhaps you really get that Twilight Zone feeling after seeing roasted asparagus (topped with an egg of some sort?) on menu after menu after menu after menu during the spring. Now that it's November, pumpkins and squashes explodeth all over the place, but—blessedly—their versatility keeps us guessing.

Piment d'Espelette Peppers Menus Around Town

Like Champagne, Tequila, and Parmigiano-Reggiano, piment d'Espelette is one of those rare things regulated by AOC, meaning the product's name is tied to a specific region and can not technically be produced outside its designated origin. Piment d'Espelette is a chili pepper cultivated in the Basque town of Espelette. It's similar in flavor to paprika, though many chefs find its brand of smokiness and aromatics particularly bewitching. Of course, the pepper has been around forever, but recently I've seen its frequency rise on menus around town. Jasper's Corner Tap chef Adam Carpenter, a long-time lover of piment d'Espelette, suspects it's showing up more now because the price has recently become a bit more approachable. "There was a time when it was over $100 a pound," he says. "It was very scarce." Here's a glimpse of some places where piment d'Espelette is popping up these days. 

Suprisingly Modern Takes on the Deviled Egg Spice Up Local Menus

Despite its mischievous-sounding name, the deviled egg is about as obedient as you can get when it comes to the text-book American appetizer spread—right up there with spinach dip and brie wrapped in layers of warm puffed pastry.  But when you think about it, whoever came up with the idea to take the yolk out of a hard-boiled egg, mix it up with spices and mayonnaise, and then put it back into the original egg white, was really rather clever. These days, as food costs continue to rise and diners continue to seek out familiar, comforting flavors, the deviled egg makes sense in a restaurant on many levels. So when chef Adam Carpenter's new menu for Jasper's Corner Tap came out with an eyebrow-raising trio of plays on the deviled eggs, I really should've been surprised.

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