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Jonny Moseley

Jonny Moseley's Favorite Hangouts

Jonny Moseley may have made his name in the steeps and deeps of Squaw Valley, but in his heart he’s a city boy.

And that city is San Francisco.

Warren Miller's 'Wintervention': Serious Snow Stoke-Age Hits SF

If you know a snow buff or bunny, it's likely they have plants to see Warren Miller's latest, Wintervention, tonight at the Roxie to get pumped for the season. From the Arctic Circle into the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia, Miller's 61st highlights sweet skiers and snowboarders doing sweet stuff on untouched descents. The film's narrated by local skiing icon Jonny Moseley, and contains footage from the top names in snow: Lindsey Vonn, Chris Davenport, JJ Thomas, Andy Mahre, Jossi Wells and Zach Black, to name a few. To increase the stoke, the film features music from the likes of Radiohead, Vampire Weekend and Jonsi.

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