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joseph manzare

Joseph Manzare’s Hecho Readies to Open

It’s been years in the works, but chef Joseph Manzare (Globe, Zuppa, Tres Agaves) is finally weeks away from the opening of Hecho, his Japanese restaurant and tequila bar.

I was lucky enough to go on a trip to Tokyo with Joseph a couple years back and I’ve never seen a guy from the Bronx (and Joseph is indeed that guy) with such an undying passion for something about as far away from his Italian-American roots you can fathom.

Hecho Brings a Questionable Combo: Tequila and Sushi

Yesterday, chef Joseph Manzare of Globe, Zuppa, Joey & Eddy's and Tres Agaves made public his latest restaurant venture: A meeting of the most brilliant minds, so to speak, it's going to be a highend sushi and robata restaurant with a touch of Mexican (a chile here, a pour of nice tequila there kind of thing). The name is Hecho, which means "made" in Spanish—a nod to the fact that his oldest son Max was "made in Mexico," if you know what I mean. Manzare will be opening the restaurant at the beginning of next year sometime, along with his longtime friend and former Spago co-worker, chef Naoki Uchiyama.
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