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juhu beach club

The State of the Mission District, Continued

Another Mission Statement STILL WORKING

Proof that the Mission restaurant invasion has not met its end, there are still more newcomers to add to the Valencia Corridor debriefing posted earlier today. Here now, a rundown on the remainder of the Mission's moves and additions that should not go unnoticed—from a bar named after a brothel owner to a new spot to get your panucho on.

Consumed: 20 of the Best Things I've Eaten in 2011

























Leopold's sausage and kraut (photo by Ed Anderson)

It's been 12 months of good eating. After reviewing all my past blogs, I've pulled out some—though clearly not all—of the most delicious dishes from 2011 and listed them in no particular order. A couple are new discoveries to me (see L'Ardoise), some are rediscoveries (see Kiss), but most are new as of this year.

Cheap Date: Juhu Beach Club

Last year, Top Chef alumn Preeti Mistry left her job as a chef at Google, spent a month eating the street foods of Mumbai’s Juhu Beach, and came back to riff on her findings in a funky pop-up lunch joint in SoMa that she launched in March.

Juhu Beach Club: A Taste of Mumbai Street Food Comes to SoMa

SF-based Top Chef alum Preeti Mistry recently stepped away from her most recent post as the chef of Charlie's Cafe, Google's biggest restaurant and took some time to get herself to Mumbai. Though her mother grew up there, Mistry hasn't been back for 20 years, and found herself in the Juhu Beach area soaking up the street food snacks, readying herself to bring the ideas home and tweak them to suit San Francisco.

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