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Juice To You

Three New SF Juice Bars Take Fresh-Squeezed To The Next Level

Three New SF Juice Bars Fresh Take Fresh-Squeezed To The Next Level

Several new grass roots start-ups are taking the obsessive approach we've grown to expect from third wave coffee, and artisanal cocktails, and applying it to juice. Yes, juice. Tropicana, consider this a warning: all three of these super fresh spots squeeze locally farmed fruits and vegetables within hours of sipping time. 

A Cleanse Convert: My Three Days on Juice to You's Juices

I’m a huge believer in milkshakes. I also love burritos. And hamburgers. Oh, and pizza. So I am far from a likely candidate to tackle a three-day cleanse, composed entirely of raw, living juice made by Juice To You, but what the hell. You only live once.

I trained all summer for an Ironman, and Charlie Gulick (one of the founders of Juice To You, who I met at the dog park) kept telling me that a great way to celebrate the completion of the event would be with a cleanse. I had so carefully maintained my external, muscular health, and now it was time to take care of my insides.

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