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killing my lobster

Triple Threat: Holiday Headache Relief in the Mission

If you want to have a successful night out in this town, you need a plan—and it better be a good one. Since it's not always easy to strike that perfect balance between pre-dinner drink, food and a show, we bring you the Triple Threat series — a block-by-block guide to nights out that only require one parking space. Today a little holiday helper the Mission.

Killing My Lobster's Latest Video: "Frankenstein's Dog"

We just got wind of Killing My Lobster's latest Halloween-themed video called "Frankenstein's Dog." Styled as a silent film complete with piano music, it's somehow both touching and hilarious. And by that, we mean it's awesome. Also, one word: puppies. Watch for yourself and get into the spirit!

Last Weekend to Catch Killing My Lobster Conquers the Galaxy



























Killing My Lobster straps on rocket boots to stamp their crustacean brand of funny on the final frontier. These intrepid comedic souls brave worm holes and time portals to defeat wizards, Italians, and other impingers on space justice, with phasers that may or may not be made of cardboard.

Killing My Lobster's "Twilight Zone: SF" Video Wonders Why No One In The City Works

See video

SF's own sketch comedy group Killing My Lobster debuted a new video a few days ago asking the same question we've asked ourselves for ages: "Doesn't anyone in this city work?" Whenever we're stuck in the office on a gorgeous day, our phones blow up with texts from friends drinking beer at Dolores Park. At least now we know we're not alone.

KMLZ: Killing My Lobster and Z Space in a One-Night-Only Sketch Variety Show

What happens when you barricade ten comedians in a room for fifty hours? You get twisted minds fueled by caffeinated hysteria writing jokes that may or may not mimic the sleep-deprived love child of 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live

Killing My Lobster usually spends a good ten weeks on a show. So a mere fifty hours is laughable - at least, so they hope. Writers, actors, filmmakers, and musicians all contribute their own brand of funny for a new type of sketch variety show. Contributors include KML veterans like local playwright Peter Sinn Nachtrieb and special guests like KFOG's Peter Finch, the Tequila Whisperer, and vaudevillian indie folk band, The Bengsons.

Killing My Lobster's "Reboots" To Skewer Tech-Heads

SF's comedy troupe Killing My Lobster, which The Bold Italic aptly compared to SNL breeding grounds Upright Citizens' Brigade and the Groundlings, never fails to right even our most maddening days with their hilarious brand of sketch comedy.

They've recently scewered SF coffee culture, Berkeley's hippie-dippiness and foodies, and now they're turning their comedic lens on the Bay Area tech scene.

Killing My Lobster’s The Whole Megillah

Purim is a long and glorious tradition. Celebrated with drinking. Lots and lots of drinking. Also, berating the prunes and poppy seeds that inexplicably crop up in otherwise edible cookies. Award-winning comedy group Killing My Lobster tackles this Jewish holiday of joy and hangovers in The Whole Megillah.

Among the deftly ridiculous scenarios: a music video expressing the festering hatred certain members of the Jewish faith feel toward hamantaschen (the aforementioned prune cookies), Apple’s latest contribution to technology and hipster credit card debt (called the iJew), and a retelling of The Book of Esther - if Esther and her cohorts had a propensity for dressing in drag.

Scary Berkeley: Killing My Lobster's Latest Video

Killing My Lobster, the SF sketch comedy group who brought us the much re-tweeted Coffee Wars video earlier this month (which is even funnier, given the recent Blue Bottle drama), is out with another. It's Man v. Wild, set in the backcountry of...Berkeley.



Killing My Lobster Skewers SF Food Culture

Despite being named after such a delicious crustacean, it took Killing My Lobster more than a decade to haul their patented brand of quirky sketch comedy into the kitchen. Now that they’ve hit the pantry, their repertoire has expanded to include a bacon dominatrix (rather than the more obvious...stripper?) (sorry) (yeah, I’m not sorry at all), a warbling fish taco, and a man romancing his cake.


Killing My Lobster Goes Undercover

Tackling the wide world of espionage, amateur stalking, and clowns on pogo sticks, San Francisco's beloved sketch comedy group gives James Bond the lobster treatment. (The deliciously Scottish James Bond, rather than the Pierce Brosnan incarnation who, you must admit, fights like a girl.)

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