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March Madness: Where to Watch and Drink

March Madness: Where to Watch and Drink

Big sporting events and drinking go hand in hand. Thursday through Sunday, sports fans (die-hard and casual, alumni), boosters and bandwagoners alike will flock to watering holes en masse across the Bay Area to participate in the madness that is March. All of this excitement begs a very important question: Where to watch your alma mater, your favorite underdog, your office bracket pool picks, or where to go to join in on the fun even if you don’t know what The Bubble is or if you think The Committee is a political term?

My Favorite Go-To Asian Noodle Dishes

I rarely get over to Betelnut for dinner but last night I sat at the smooth, red counter and ordered a bowl of the Malaysian curry laksa soup. What a perfect bowl of comfort. The shrimp were plump, the shredded chicken tender, the kinked up noodles springy. It was all bathing in a rich, fragrant coconut curry a pumpkin color of orange that could stop traffic. It warmed me up as I shivered my way through yet another restaurant in SF with an open-door policy. (As in the front door is kept open even on windy, cold summer nights.)

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