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the knockout

San Francisco Too Harmless For A "Mancation?" Please.

CNN ran a piece today that essentially cornered San Francisco as a bland, too "healthy" destination for a proper "mancation"––a new breed of vacation described by author Brendan Francis Newnam as "a trip taken by a bunch of guy friends to blow off steam and remember why they are better off home with their families."

As Mr. Newman has obviously forgotten how to actually get torn up, we'll help him with some alternatives to his chosen route.

Nobunny's Pantsless Performance Comes to the Knockout

If you're a slave to the grind, you likely look high and low in all corners of this city for a way to cure those nefarious hump day blues. Justin Champlin, better known as the masked, pantsless marauder Nobunny, is the perfect nightcap on your neverending Wednesday, when he'll grace the floor of the Knockout (he doesn't like to stick to stages).

Maus Haus @ The Knockout This Friday

A band like Maus Haus is almost too big for a place like the Knockout. With six members and an eclectic oeuvre born from an equal number of headstrong musical minds working--miraculously--as one, the cozy dive bar will rumble this Friday under layers of krautrock synths, agile drums, saxophones, and wandering, melodic vocals that refuse to settle down.

Bicycle Film Festival Kicks Off This Thursday, Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

In honor of its 10th anniversary, the Bicycle Film Festival is throwing one heck of a party all over town. Bike fanatics certainly have a lot to celebrate this year, so bring on the movies, music and merrymaking.

Starting Wednesday night at 9 pm, destroy your hump day blues by heading to the Knockout for the free kick-off party featuring DJs from Debaser and more (we didn't tell you this, but you can get Four Loko there).

Band We Love: The Fresh N Onlys

One of the bands many of us here at 7x7 agree on is San Francisco's very own Fresh N Onlys. If you've seen them, you know that they're multifarious, loud and psychedelic.  And if you haven't, definitely check out their multitude of albums and EPs (these guys churn them out like they're nothing) - each one is a journey of the band's collective music-obsessed mind. And speak of the devil, they've got a new one hot off the presses - Play It Strange (In the Red) will be out October 12th.

Kris Saknussemm Reads from His Latest at The Knockout: It's Like Ellroy Meets David Lynch

Bay Area-raised novelist Kris Saknussemm has never met a genre he didn’t want to bend.

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