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Kurt Wimmer

Home Movies: ‘Donnie Darko’ Director Richard Kelly Returns with ‘The Box’

It begins, of course, with the box, a curious-looking device on which rests a large red button. It arrives on the couple’s doorstep along with a calling card, under the cloak of night. But why?

A stranger arrives at their door the next day with an offer too tempting to ignore. Press the button and collect a million tax-free dollars, in cash. The catch? Someone – comfortingly, another stranger – will die.

Win Free Passes to See Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx in 'Law Abiding Citizen' Tonight at the Metreon

For Jamie Foxx, the Oscar-winning star of Taylor Hackford's 2004 biopic Ray, the decision to play one of the leads in the new thriller Law Abiding Citizen was easy.

“I know when I want to work with certain people,” says Foxx, 41. “I remember the feeling that I had when I saw 300. Gerard Butler was at the top of his game in that movie, and I immediately wanted to do a film with him. On top of that, [Kurt Wimmer's script] tells a cool, interesting story.”

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