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la cocina

Tamale Cart Launches Today in Justin Herman Plaza

The tamale lady may need to up her game; she’s got some competition.  

San Francisco’s first tamale cart launches today with an opening reception in Justin Herman Plaza (One Market St) 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Alicia’s Tamales Los Mayas joins the food truck scene serving up organic maize dough tamales and other traditional dishes inspired by the Sinaloa region of Mexico (think Mazatlan area, across the Gulf of California from Cabo). 

Celebrate SF's Up-and-Coming Mobile Food Vendors at Taste Of Microfinance, September 27

Next week, you'll finally get to a chance to experience the taste of microfinance. Allow us to explain: it tastes like a dream–big or small–like launching a business in a bad economy. Venerable organizations like La Cocina can help with that, but sometimes an extra nudge helps even more. That's where Opportunity Fund comes in. They provide affordable financing to local food vendors we all know and love, like Onigilly and El Buen Comer, to allow them to thrive and do what they love the most!

Jello Shots for Mother's Day (No, These Aren't Paperweights)

La Cocina is starting to be a real go-to for delicious sweets, from Kika's Treats to Clairesquares, but the latest concoction to come out of the non-profit's incubator kitchen truly astounded me. Started by Mexican artist Rosa Rodriguez, Sweets Collection is one the newer businesses to join La Cocina's incubator kitchen.

The Mission Gets Its Own Farmers Market

The Mission is finally getting its own farmers market (and adding one more gold star to its foodie status) in the new Mission Community Market, set to debut this Thursday, July 22, from 4 pm to 8 pm on Bartlett and 22nd.

Street Food Carts Get Park Assignments

The word is starting to trickle in that Parks & Rec have begun calling applicants who made a bid for an ongoing, permanent street food space in one of the 219 parks in San Francisco. Though nothing is final yet (applications still have to be approved by the commission and a public hearing will be held for each new addition), chances are good that come spring you'll be seeing Let's Be Frank carts near the Conservancy of Flowers in Golden Gate Park and at Justin Hermann Plaza.

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