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La Oaxaquena

7 Non-Taco Mexican Dishes To Honor Cinco de Mayo

TK TK 7 Non-Taco Mexican Foods To Honor Cinco de Mayo TK TK

You'll find duck leg tacos on Michael Mina's new lounge menu, $1.75 carnitas tacos in the shade of Best Buy, and you can even get them delivered by bike. Tacos are everywhere in San Francisco, but why not honor the diversity of Mexican food options available around here, and dig into something different for Cinco de Mayo? Here, seven super-flavorful Mexican dishes to try over the next few days. None of them are tacos.

Grasshopper Tacos and Tarantula Tortas @ La Oaxaquena

Sometimes you want to venture outside the usual plate of carne asada tacos. To satisfy those urges to the extreme, drop by La Oaxaqueña, a legit bakery and restaurant that serves Southern Mexican delights like grasshopper tacos and fried tarantula tortas.

Owner Albino Carreno says the crunchy grasshoppers are rife with protein and vitamins. The tarantulas, which they're currently out of but will have again in March, are fried whole and sandwiched between fresh-baked bread. Their taste and texture? Akin to that of a softshell crab.

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