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la torta gorda

7 Non-Taco Mexican Dishes To Honor Cinco de Mayo

TK TK 7 Non-Taco Mexican Foods To Honor Cinco de Mayo TK TK

You'll find duck leg tacos on Michael Mina's new lounge menu, $1.75 carnitas tacos in the shade of Best Buy, and you can even get them delivered by bike. Tacos are everywhere in San Francisco, but why not honor the diversity of Mexican food options available around here, and dig into something different for Cinco de Mayo? Here, seven super-flavorful Mexican dishes to try over the next few days. None of them are tacos.

Eat Like a Native: A Mexico Expat on Where to Go, What to Buy

Welcome to a column wherein we track down a cook good with an accent and milk them for all their best kept eating secrets.

La Torta Gorda is Into Corn Smut

Yes, we've given La Torta Gorda some good love here, but only deserved love for their perfect tortas. (I mean, perfect.)

If New York has the LES, then San Francisco has the LESMD

The Lower East Side of the Mission District (this would be East 24th Street) is blossoming. I’m sure the gentrification whistle blowers are up in arms, but personally I love it when a neighborhood starts mixing it up. (And my money is on the fact that the whistle blowers are the exact hipsters that frequent Pops, anyhow.) Stagnancy is not what thriving cities are made of: Sushi, tortas and gourmet donuts located within a one block radius are.

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