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Iberico Pork: On Menus Now

Aged, nutty and delightfully funky in flavor, the highly seasonal meat from Iberico pig meat bears little resemblance to the pork and bacon we all grew up eating. I dug into the last of Lafitte's early stash of Iberico pork shoulder meat on Friday and, let me tell you, it's anything but the other white meat. Don't worry. There's more to come.

Is Horchata the New Dulce de Leche?

Perhaps it's too soon to announce a full-scale trend, but having recently seen horchata-flavored desserts at three different spots in San Francisco I figured a bit of acknowledgement is in order. I mean, if horchata becomes the next dulce de leche, dominating nationwide, wouldn't I feel a bit foolish not having mentioned it first? Right.

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