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Our Fave Mother’s + Father’s Day Cards From Local Letterpress Printers

Mother’s and Father’s Day are mere weeks away (May 8 and June 19, respectively) and in anticipation of these very important holidays, we’ve rounded up some of the cutest stationery from our favorite local letterpress studios. Now you have just enough time to pick your favorite and send to your loving parents. You’re welcome!

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Japan Meets the Mission in Letterpressed Sugar Skulls

Inspired by the iconography of the calaveras de azúcar associated with Dia de los Muertos, local artist and Mission resident Jonathan Koshi has released his second series of pop culture sugar skulls. While his first round ran the gamut from Kermit to Spy vs. Spy, this round draws directly from his Japanese heritage, transforming cultural icons like Tetsujin, Domokun, and the daruma into sugar skulls. “Growing up in Hawaii, I was influenced a lot by Japanese pop culture,” says Koshi. “One of my earliest childhood memories is of my first toy robot my parents brought back from a trip to Japan when I was 6.

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping by Chewing the Cud

Local designer  Viola Sutanto is redefining how to give great gifts with her eco-friendly gift-wrapping line, Chewing the Cud.

The chipper line features everything you need to gift well — witty letterpress cards, reusable wrapping cloths, stamps, and even custom stationary.

New this fall, keep an eye out for fresh bucket bags (available in two sizes) that are great for stowing away knick-knacks, packing picnics, and as gifts for expecting moms or brides. Also, get your hands on Limitee, a limited edition gift decorating kit with an array of embellishments (stickers, tags, etc.), housed in a wooden cigar box. It's the hip scrapbooker's dream kit. 

Inspired by The City: 6 San Francisco Art Prints

The dramatic shifts in terrain, intricate architectural details, monumental landmarks, and culture collisions that make up San Francisco provide endless stimulation for the eyes, and endless inspiration for the artist. This Valentine's Day–or any day, really–show your appreciation for the town you love with a print commemorating our City by the Bay.

New to us:

Renegade Recap: Dandy Lion Press

Did you make it out to the Renegade Craft Fair last weekend? We stopped by on Saturday and were happy to see both familiar vendors that we love and artists whose work was completely new to us. One of our favorites of the latter was Dandy Lion Press. Locally owned and operated by Maia de Raat (who also teaches classes at San Francisco Center for the Book), the letterpress cards and small prints feature all manner of sea creatures and forest animals, each intricately rendered down to the last whisker or tentacle.

Our Favorite Local Letterpress Designs

Don’t be surprised if the latest designs from Bay Area letterpresses render you speechless.

Valentine's Cards from Jacki Paper

Oohoohooh - it's not too late! If you've been scrambling to get work done before the big three day weekend (woot!) and let Valentine's gifts go to the wayside, there's still time. And to make it easier on you, here's a present that works for kids, grandparents, bfs, gfs, and everybody else you're lovin'. Jacki Paper's cards bring back humor from your childhood for sentiments that appeal to all ages. They're guaranteed to put a goofy grin on your loved one's face, and isn't that worth a holiday all by itself? See the full list of area stockists here, so you can swoop in and pick one up asap. 

Winning the War of the Words

How do you win an argument? By proving the other person wrong? You may feel a fleeting victory, but if you've come out of a disagreement with one person right and the other wrong, and deeply chagrinned, then you both lose the pleasure of being on good terms with one another. And nobody enjoys the aftermath of an tiff, often characterized by hurt feelings and cold shoulders. To truly win an argument, you must settle the question but also reiterate to the other that the argument isn't more important than they are. This is where the small gesture of humility and caring comes in.

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