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'Tis the Season for Peppermint Drinks

Walk through the Christmas aisle in Walgreens and you'll notice loads of peppermint-flavored everything spilling off the shelves. So why not mix up a few peppermint cocktails to round everything out? Try these minty concoctions from our pals at for the next holiday cocktail party you host.

Hot Drinks for Cold Winter Nights

Blankets, mittens, scarves, hats, boots....what's really going to keep you warm is a piping hot cocktail between your hands. Cozy up with these three recipes from and beat the chill outside.

Three Drinks To Toast SF's Dia de los Muertos Parade

While Halloween is all about partying, eating candy and buying kitschy decorations at Walgreens, Dia de los Muertos is about so much more. The annual two-day Latino holiday is a time to honor and celebrate one's ancestors through art, music, dance, food and...partying! Tonight is the Mission's Dia de los Muertos parade, where a few hundred people paint their faces like they're sugar skulls, serenely wander through the streets at night and end up in a sea of altars to the dead at Garfield Park.

Three Halloween Drink Recipes To Satisfy Your Candy Cravings

There will be a lot of cocktail and costume parties this weekend in honor of one of the best holidays ever created–Halloween! Arm yourself with these drink recipes (who can resist a Corpse Reviver?) to get your friends and guests in the mood for dressing up and getting down.

Three Drink Recipes to Celebrate National Cat Appreciation Day

We give a lot of love to dogs here on, but now it's time to turn the spotlight on cats. This October 29th is National Cat Day–the perfect excuse to wear your cat Halloween costume during the day, and toast the world's feline population and crazy cat ladies with these milk-based drink recipes (not served in bowls) from our friends at

Three Rum Drinks For Treasure Island Music Festival After Parties

After the spending two days being barraged non-stop by the some of the best electronic and indie rock acts around, you're going to need an afterparty to keep things going after this weekend's Treasure Island Music Festival shuts down each night. Mix up these rum drinks (we're really getting Treasure Island themed here), courtesy of

Three Whiskey Cocktails for the DIY Bartender

Tonight is the fifth annual WhiskyFest, the granddaddy of all communal whiskey worship sessions. Tickets are totally sold out, so unless you want to empty your wallet to a Craigslist scalper, we suggest throwing your own WhiskyFest in the comfort of your home. Try out these classic recipes, courtesy of our friends at–think of it as prep for next year!

Three Folsom Street Fair Drink Recipes

This Sunday is the Folsom Street Fair, the granddaddy of all leather events. That means pre-gaming, drinking during the fair and post-gaming are in order. And if next weekend's anything like it was this past weekend, get ready for one hell of a street fair. Use these delicious shot recipes from our friends at for your before or after parties.

Hot Toddy and Hot Punch Recipes for Your Outside Lands After Parties

Festival goers: The weekend weather forecast is looking a bit sub-summer, especially out on the moors of Golden Gate Park. We're still praying for sun, but if you need to warm up at the festival, pick up some hot chocolate from Charles Chocolates, some coffees from Philz and Ritual and perhaps some clam chowder from Woodhouse Fish Co (full food and beverage offerings here). And after the festival, you'll probably need a warm drink.

5 Quintessentially American Cocktail Recipes for July 4th

It's our nation's birthday next Monday! It's time to put aside politics, celebrate the three-day weekend and just rage. Rumor has it that it's going to be gorgeous this weekend, so cool down in the heat with these distinctly American cocktail recipes from our friends at Enjoy!

1. Manhattan

2. Ramos Gin Fizz

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