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This Week in Live Music: TV on the Radio, Cherry Glazzer, & More

Are you a part of San Francisco’s Shut-In economy? Don't be. You’re missing out! You’re missing the point of San Francisco, which is to see as much live music as possible while you can still hear.

This Week in Live Music: Tweedy, Widespread Panic, and More

We’re used to reading news about record stores/venues closing up shop, but local independent music junkies received some refreshing news last week: Oakland’s beloved record store/venue hybrid 1-2-3-4 Go! Records is opening a second store in San Francisco soon, a great (if not counter-trending) sign for the local music scene. More details to come, but our hearts are warmed and our bodies reinvigorated. Let’s celebrate at these no-duh shows:

This Week In Live Music: Theophilus London, Lucinda Williams, and More

Noise Pop 2015 has wrapped and you’re exhausted and broke and nearly deaf, but you should consider pushing your luck with these irresistible shows...

This Week In Live Music: Nightmares on Wax, Hundred Waters, Dodos, & More

Before we get started, a moment of silence for Candlestick Park, former venue to the San Francisco 49ers and such artistic geniuses as the Beatles, Jay Z, and Steve Young

/wipes away single tear, soldiers on.

This Week In Live Music: Lucinda Williams, the Thermals, G-Eazy, & More

Beer Week starts on Friday — and you know what goes well with beer? The following shows!

Best Bets This Week in Live Bay Area Music

What is it about being indoors during the holidays that makes us suckers for being indoors during the holidays?

Best Bets This Week in Live Bay Area Music

We sincerely hope you were lucky enough to witness at least one night of Live 105’s two-part Not So Silent Night festivities over the weekend.

Best Bets This Week in Live Bay Area Music

It’s time to show all of those out-of-town friends back for the holidays how remarkably hip you are. You live a thrilling Bay Area existence and knowing about these shows proves it. Study up, young’un.

Best Bets This Week in Live Bay Area Music

We're nearing the part of the live music calendar when touring bands hibernate for the winter, but we're not quite there. Options are aplenty, but you'd be wise to capitalize on these shows while you can:

Best Bets This Week in Live Bay Area Music

Simply put, this is a monster week in Bay Area music. On the monster scale (bear with me), this week registers a LOCH NESS rating. All of this world-class pop music at once doesn’t seem realistic (see what I did there? Sorry.).

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