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look of the week

Look of the Week: Seven Super Capes for Her

Look of the Week

We adore our chunky sweaters, and lush fall layers, but who can fit all of that under the standard coat? Top off your look this winter with a roomy yet flattering cape. From fox-collared (#1) to comfy cocoons (#7), here are seven styles we love. 

Look of the Week: Chic Skulls for Dia de los Muertos

San Francisco's Dia de los Muertos and Festival of Alters celebrations take place tomorrow evening, in the Mission. We're of course, looking forward to the fashion, including -- among other dark accessories -- plenty of skulls. 

We took inspiration from the late, great fashion designer, Alexander McQueen (#6) (known for his iconic skull-prints), and SF turned LA-based artist, Sylvia Ji, for this week's collection of chic skulls.

Look of the Week: Pee-wee Herman Halloween Costume for Him and Her

Last year, a girlfriend of mine and her now husband were Janelle Monae and Pee-wee Herman for Halloween. An unlikely pair, indeed, but both costumes were spot onand brilliant. That got me thinking... Pee-Wee is one of those perfect costumes:  easy, fun, iconic while not overly costumey, and works for men or women. Heck, it even gives you an excuse to have a big adventure and ride around on a bicycle (Halloween Critical Mass, anyone?).

Look of the Week: Men's Gear Inspired by the SF Giants

While victory is sweet, losing a few makes things more exciting for our boys, as they take on St. Louis in the fourth game of the series. The pressure is on.

Look of the Week: Men's Essentials for the Treasure Island Music Festival

Treasure Island Music Festival tickets safely tucked away in wallet? Check.

Spotifying this weekend's lineup all day? Check.

Excitement? Check.

The preparation starts there, and ends here, with seven essentials to get you through the upcoming two days of music madness.

Look of the Week: Fall Gear for Your Pup

As you prepare your fall wardrobe, let's not forget little Fido. Keep your pup warm, dry, and stylish with these picks from local pet boutiques.

Look of the Week: Funky-Fresh Booties for Fall

It's that time of year again when transplants from the Northwest and New England get nostalgic for the autumns they once knew, while the Indian summer still lingers in the distance (le sigh). So what's the perfect shoe for this in-between season? Ankle boots. And to go with the funky weather patterns of late, we decided to pull together seven funky styles.

Step into fall with these dynamic kicks.

Look of the Week: Men's Suede Sneakers for Fall

Recently, we noticed a new surge in suede shoes -- and we're serious about our suede.  In particular, we're digging the rise of the suede sneaker (or at least that's what we're calling it).

From all-suede high-tops (#3) to mixed-fabric low-tops (#5, #7), the textures and colors are perfect for fall -- plus, the soft leather adds sophistication to classics like Vans (#1) and Converse (#2). Here are our top picks.

Look of the Week: Glamorama-Inspired Jewels from Macy's

After touring through Minneapolis, Chicago and Los Angeles, Macy's Glamorama will take over the Orpheum Theatre tomorrow night in its closing show. This year, the nearly 30-year-old annual fashion, music, and fundraising institution will feature the poppy YouTube-discovery, Karmin, and oh-la-la headliner, Robin Thicke, in addition to fall runway looks by Bar III (#1, #4), Calvin Klein and more.

Look of the Week: Something Blue

This fall, one of our favorite statement colors is the simple, flattering, and now ultra modern blue.

When it comes to wearing the classic shades of cobalt just remember, the bolder the better. 

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