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Shaq is a Fan of The Lovemakers?

How Shaq came to know the Oakland band The Lovemakers is a mystery to us. Nonetheless the 7'1 new addition to the Cleveland Cavaliers (and prolific twitterer) gave a shout out to the sexy group in a recent tweet:

"The group Lovemakes there first single Love is Dead u. It just dropped people need to ck it out" -The Real Shaq

While a stamp of approval from Shaq isn't like being in Oprah's Book Club, it certainly makes us want to hear more from the band's new album Let's Be Friends.

Check out the video for "Love Is Dead" or download the single for FREE this week on iTunes:



The Inbox: The Splinters + Wallpaper + Lovemakers

Each week our good friends over at The Owl Mag share all the goodies they get in their inbox (think free MP3s, new videos and the general low-down on Bay Area artists) in an effort to spread the local music gospel.  Now you're about to get it here with our new weekly feature, The Inbox. Here's what we've got this week:

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