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lower haight

Black Sands Brewery is Bringing Beer (& More) to the Lower Haight

Black Sands Brewery, which opened its doors in the Lower Haight just over a month ago, is much, much more than just a brew pub: they serve coffee during the day, offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner service, and have a cocktail program built by the former bar manger of The Hideout in Dalva and Lazy Bear. 

One to Watch: San Francisco Designer Mariele Williams

Instead of the unattended-to mail, errant articles of clothing and various electronic gadgetry one might expect to find strewn across the desk of the average 21-year-old SoMa resident, there’s a band saw and what remains of a pheasant carcass perched on the one belonging to Mariele Williams, whose leather, antler and feather jewelry made us stop and stare (in a good way) during a recent visit to The Perish Trust.

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