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Luke Ford

The Discreet Charm of The Black Balloon

There is nothing truly surprising in The Black Balloon, only affecting riffs on a familiar story.Thomas (Rhys Wakefield) is a typical teenager, handsome, shy around girls, and innocent enough that a peck on the cheek packs the power of a defining moment. His father (Erik Thomson) is a military man, cheerfully gruff but no rigid taskmaster. His very pregnant mother (Toni Collette), though immobilized by her globe-shaped belly, remains the doting queen of the household. And his brother Charlie (Luke Ford) is autistic.

Indie Theater Roundup: 7 Movies to See This Week

If your idea of recreational bliss includes bowling, driving around and the occasional acid flashback, make your way to the Red Vic this weekend for a cinematic experience of the most transcendent order. And if that’s not your thing, no worries – there are plenty of worthwhile films currently in rotation at an indie theater near you.

1. The Big Lebowski
Where: Red Vic Movie House, 1727 Haight St., 415-668-3994
When: April 17-20
Why: So you can die with a smile on your face, without feelin' like the good Lord gypped you. Any questions?

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